Daryl is an excellent driving instructor and helped me to pass first time! He is very patient and explains everything thoroughly. Can�t thank him enough for everything he�s taught me and have recommended him to lots of friends! Isabelle Carroll 01/04/2019

Daryl is an excellent driving instructor who I would highly recommend to anybody wanting to take up lessons. I can�t thank Daryl enough for his patience and knowledge, and, as a consequence of his positivity and nuanced explanations, I feel a much more confident driver. Callum Hatton 01/04/2019

I can not thank Daryl enough for being such a fantastic and professional teacher. He was always patient and calm in every situation. I passed my test first time and can drive with a smile, what an amazing turn around Daryl has made compared to the first lesson when I did not even want to drive. Thank you so much Daryl enjoy your gardening in the nice weather. Charlotte flint 28/02/2019.

Driving with Darryl has been a great pleasure. The invaluable experience I've gained whilst driving with Darryl will no doubt help me in my future driving endeavours. I can not thank Darryl enough for all he has done to get me through my test, I honestly could not recommend him more. Again Darryl thank you very much for all the effort you've put into helping me achieve my driving licence. Chris Spencer 29/011/2018

Daryl is an excellent teacher, makes the lessons enjoyable and is very experienced. Would totally recommend him, explains all the manoeuvres and techniques perfectly. Passed first time, couldn't recommend him enough!! 15/11/2018 Gabby Bergonzi, Marple, Stockport.

A very calm man who soothes pupils with his excellent singing voice, he's a first class instructor who understands the learners needs and knows that the pupil may be nervous while driving. Daryl is excellent at helping the learners improve on the roads and with maneuvers. If you have to choose an instructor, then look no further than this man for you will achieve your goals. He gets my seal of approval. Jason Hickman 15/10/18 Bredbury, Stockport.

Daryl was recommended to me by many people and I'm so glad I went to him for my driving lessons. Today i passed my driving test and dont think id of done it without daryls paticents amd expertise. I looked forward to every lesson and they were all enjoyable . Thank you! Jess 27/09/2018

Passed on my 3rd attempt! Darryl is a fantastic instructor,got me through my third test it was a long journey but I got there in the end.Thanks to Darryl highly recommended. Daniel 1/05/18

Daryl has been an absolutely fantastic instructor and has taught me everything bringing me from no experience to passing first time. He is one of a kind and I would recommend him to anyone looking for lessons regardless of their experience. Thank you very much Daryl. Andrew B 26/04/2018

Daryl was recommended to me for my lessons, he's a great instructor, easy to get on with from the start. Gives clear good instructions and explained & manoeuvres &so the are easy to understand and follow. So happy i have passed my test and that's thanks to Daryl's hard work and patients. I would recommend him to anyone he's a great teacher. Vicki 05/14/2018.

A fantastic driving instructor and a pleasure to learn from. He made the lessons enjoyable and interesting and I learnt a lot from the lessons he gave me and passed first time with no minors!! If you need a driving instructor I would definitely recommend Daryl. Thanks for all your help. James Watts, Romiley, Stockport. James watts 16/12/2017.

I can't thank Daryl enough for all the help he has given me while teaching me how to drive. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of driving and has taught me so much over the last few months. I know I couldn't have done it without him and I have already recommended him to all my friends for when they start learning. He is fantastic at what he does as is good fun too. Thanks a lot Daryl! Ben Chappelow. 10/12/2017.

Passed first time!  Thank you Daryl.  You are a fantastic driving instructor and a really nice guy.  I looked forward to the lessons coming around each week as you made it fun and enjoyable to learn.  Looking forward to the motorway course!  Toby, Hyde 26/07/2017

Just passed my test yesterday, Daryl was highly recommended from a few friends and they wasn't wrong when they said he was good. Very good at showing you how to do it properly and had me passed in no time. cheers again would recommend him to anyone!!!! Jake Westwell 27/06/2017

Outstanding Driving instructor, amazing man, amazing patience. Daryl has a positive outlook, that just keeps you calm in the most stressful situations. never laughed or enjoyed the company as much as I did with Daryl.

Words can't describe how thankful I am to you for helping me pass, I appreciate it. I'll  absolutely miss driving with you, wish you all the best. Thank you again. 20/06/2017 Kyle.

Totally recommend Daryl to anyone looking to be doing lessons, he is a very experienced driving instructor and makes each lesson enjoyable. He helped me to pass my driving test first time!! Couldn't recommend anyone better. Thanks again Daryl. Amy Valentine, Bredbury, Stockport. 13/06/2017

Great driving instructor,had issues with certain aspects of my driving and within a few driving lessons he had corrected them and i passed my driving test.will be recommending him to anyone i know who wants lessons. 31/05/2017 Tracey Tallentire.

I'm so happy that I choose Daryl to be my driving instructor, he makes learning fun and easy without feeling nervous at all. I don't think without him I would have passed first time. Would recommend him to anyone, thank you Daryl! 16/05/2017 Victoria Roberts.

Daryl is a great driving instructor who helped me pass my test first time. I am so glad that I chose him as my instructor. He helped me become a safe and confident driver and I could not have done it without him. I would recommend Daryl to anyone. 28/03/2017 Thanks, Molly.

I started my driving lessons with Daryl in June 2016 and, my god, I am glad I did! Daryl is patient, a fantastic driving instructor and genuinely a lovely person! He taught my brother and sister and I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you so much for putting in all the hard work of teaching me and putting up with me. Haha! I passed this afternoon with 4 minors!! Thank you again! :) 15/03/2017 Beth Linder.

Daryl is a top quality driving instructor who is both patient and great at teaching you how to pass your test as well as other road skills that would be useful in day to day driving. I am incredibly glad I chose him as my instructor and would happily recommend him to anyone thinking about learning to drive. 07/03/2017 Daniel Chandler

Daryl is a great driving instructor he is brilliant at his job and does all he can to ensure you are feeling safe and ready to drive. He is always a great person to be around, never a dull moment in the car. I will be recommending him to everyone i know who wants to start driving. 20/02/2017 Jake Crowley

Daryl is an absolutely outstanding instructor! Very patient, very understanding, and has so much experience and knowledge of the roads, absolutely worth every penny, would thoroughly recommend to anyone and everyone looking for an instructor! On top of all that, he's just a proper good laugh, would DEFIANTLY recommend! Thanks again Daryl! Lewis Carroll 08/02/2017

A big thank you to Daryl, taught me everything I needed to know in a enjoyable and relaxed way, I will be forever recommending him! Lovely bloke too. Many thanks! Lewis Upton, 07/02/2017

I went to Darryl after having two previous instructors who I was not benefiting from at all. I was recommended to Darryl from family friends who knew of him and thank god I did! Darryl was truly and utterly amazing, always calm and patient which makes you feel so comfortable. He finds simpler ways to do things which makes it easy to remember! I passed my driving test first time with Darryl. I was so thrilled with Darryl and very thankful he was my driving instructor. Would recommend him to anyone!! He is fab! Megan Allison 13/01/2017

Daryl is an amazing coach , strict on technice but at the same time makes you comfdable , he's been doing it that long everything is second nature to him , he's very patiant as well , great tutor and great person. Kurt PT Shortt , Bramhall 06/01/2017.

Where to start with Daryl haha! He's absolutely top! I originally started will Bill Plant and after 8 lessons with them I still wasn't driving on the roads. I was referred to Daryl by family members and he took me in straight away. By lesson one I was on the main roads! He made me feel safe and tought me everything I needed to know about driving! At the end of every lesson he sat and discussed my good and bad points and where needs improvement. I now have passed my test with only 2 minors! I'm delighted and never would of been able to do it without Daryl! He's reliable a laugh and a bloody fantastic instructor. I wouldn't recommend anyone else! Thanks so much! See you on my motorway lessons&#128526. Charlotte Jemison 17/11/2016.

Daryl's a fantastic no-nonsense instructor, he doesn't just teach you how to pass a test, he teaches you to drive and drive very well. Having not done any lessons for 12 years, I at the age of 30 got back to a position where I passed my test in about 15 hours, proving you can teach an old dog new tricks!
Would always recommend Daryl to anyone learning to drive. Thomas Askew 07/11/2016

Fab instructor and would definitely recommend him. So happy to have passed first time thanks to Daryl. Good experienced teacher and makes lessons enjoyable and fun. Thanks Daryl. Frankie Bergonzi 13/10/2016.

I am extremely happy I picked daryl for my driving lessons he is a brilliant person and a brilliant instructor, he isn't shy of making a joke or two. He made it extremly easy for me to work my way around the vehicle and my progress throughout the different lessons was great. Daryl always gave me feedback on my performance per lesson so I new where I was on the progress ladder I would happily refer him to any person who wanted to learn how to drive I am really really happy with the hole process he has a big 5star rating from me! Kieran Ryan 28/09/2016

Fabulous instructor, really enjoyed the lessons. Delighted to have passed my test with no faults. Thanks Daryl. Would definitely recommend you. Hope I can do my pass plus with you! Bea Hardy-Wilson 17/08/2016

Choosing Daryl as my driving instructor was the best decision ever he's fun to be around and made learning to drive a laugh but also making sure I was learning to drive the correct way!

Thank you for getting me through my test and also for putting up with me! Sarah 10/08/2016

Choosing Daryl for my lessons was a very wise choice. He made the whole learning experience fun but also in a way where you felt comfortable and safe. I would definitely recommend Daryl to anyone who is looking into getting lessons! Thank you. Matt Murray, Romiley. 04/07/16

I'm really glad I chose Daryl to teach me to drive. He was really patient and a great teacher, He shown me great ways to do manoeuvers which suited me great and made it less stressful, he explained things in a way which is easy to understand and is really down to earth, just what I needed in an instructor. Gave me loads of confidence for my test which I had today and passed first time. Thank you Daryl, I couldn't of done it without you. Marcus. 01/06/2016

What a great gentleman, enjoyable lessons, friendly and well experienced person, very glad to choose him as my instructor. Thank you Daryl for all your patience and taught me how to drive. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to pass first time... Gabriela 22/05/2016

Can't thank Daryl enough for his patient, top quality and most of all enjoyable instruction. Highly recommended and worth every penny! Thanks so much for everything, top top man.. Louis Rogers, bredbury, Stockport 31/03/2016

I highly recommend daryl as a driving instructor. I passed today first time. He makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. Thank you daryl for all your help and teaching me everything I know x. Tiffany Leahy 21/3/2016

Multiple of my family members passed with Daryl so it was an obvious choice who to go with. The lessons where absolutely great, no time wasting. Daryl gets you on the road learning right away. He is a one of the small amount of instructors that genuinely wants you to pass rather than money grab nowadays. Each lesson was actually fun and i always looked forward to the next. Top guy! Liam Murphy 05/2/2016

I had joined daryl after I had used a different instructor he tought me so much different and help me so much as i passed first time i would highly reccomend him as he is top man and deserve all credit for job he does thanks so much. Gareth Carmody 01/02/2016

Daryl was recommended to me by others who have had lessons with him in the past, i'm so glad I chose him to be driving instructor. Really couldn't of asked for more. As well as him being a excellent driving instructor he's also very patient, considerate and polite. And I would have no problem recommending him to somebody in the future. Many thanks. James Roberts 01/02/2016

I learnt to drive with Daryl after he taugh all my family to drive and hes quality. proper good laugh and gets the job done and in good time. Would highly recommend. Phoebe 20/01/2016

I am so glad I went with Daryl! After looking through driving instructors and all their reviews I knew he was right for me. As soon as I got in the car he made me feel really relaxed and calm :) He taught me everything I needed to know to be able to pass my test (which I did first time thanks to Daryl!), he is a great teacher and would recommend him to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive! Thanks Daryl! Ellie Farrell, Bredbury. Ellie Farrell 12/01/2016

Very informative and extremely knowledgeable instructor. Would highly recommend to anyone learning to drive!
I was recommended by my family and friends- Definitely top notch! Aaron Crilly 21/12/2015

Daryl was recommended to me from a neighbour who had used him in the past. He is a funny and good driving instructor and makes the lessons actually enjoyable. Because of this, I have recommended him to lots of friends. Joe 10/12/2015

Hey daryl is a great instructor! By all means I didn't have any other instructor. But from the start he genuinely likes to see people pass rather than just being a money maker for him also I passed 1st time with 3 minors. One thing I would advise is don't scratch his alloys haha. Alex Matthews 18/11/2015

Absolutely loved my lessons with Daryl, he gave me the confidence I needed to overcome my nerves, he is very patient and made me feel at ease!! couldn't have asked for a better instructor and would highly recommend him (especially for the nervous ones) Thank-you so much for teaching me!! Sophie - 26/10/2015

Really enjoyed my lessons with Daryl, he taught me in a really constructive way, that really benefited me! Crackin' man, absolutely hilarious and would highly recommend him!! Thanks so much for teaching me - Lucy 19/10/2015

I failed my first driving test but after switching instructors to Daryl he made me pass no doubt! He taught me everything I needed to know and gave me good advice also made me feel really confident. I 100% recommend Daryl as your instructor if your wanting to be on the road ASAP he won't let you down. Adam Timblin 09/09/2015

Daryl was recommended to me by a friend.. Not only did I pass first time but I really looked forward to my lessons. I never imagined anyone would have the patience to teach me to drive but daryl has bin amazing and a great confidence giver... Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a top quality instructor. Pippin Cawley. 20/08/2015

Passed with only 4 minors on my test, taught my brother and a bunch of his friends to drive and i cant recommend him enough!.Phillip Jefferies 23-04-2015

Daryl was recommended to me by my auntie as he taught her to drive and it was definitely the best decision. Daryl is an attentive, patient, confidence giving driving instructor who makes lesson different and interesting. I'd recommend Daryl to anyone looking for lessons as he's the best! Thanks for everything Daryl! Sarah Doran. 22-03-2015

From DAY ONE i new me and Daryl would get on and we did that man is a genius in a car and is a credit to his profession you can see why he is so highly recommended and he proved it, he knows how to get the best out of his drivers and he did this with me. he was honest and did everything in a encouraging manner. Passed my test first time with very few minors. I would recommend Daryl very highly, the main man went it comes to driving lessons. Cheers Daryl Josh Clews 22-03-2015

Daryl was recommended to me by a friend and i'm so happy that i listened to their advice. He is an amazing instructor and a genuinely nice guy. Thanks so much for helping me pass :) Corrinne. 14-01-2015.

Daryl i would like to thank you for helping me pass my test first test im greatful for all your hard work. Kayleigh Kilcourse 11-12-2014.

I'm so glad I chose Darryl to be my driving instructor, he has helped me pass first time today:) he is very patient, helpful and knows exactly what is right! He explained everything perfectly and made sure I understood every single step of the way, couldn't of picked anyone better for lessons, going to miss not seeing him every Monday now:( thank you so much Darryl. Chloe Wild 11-12-2014.

Daryl is fantastic, doesn't waste your time, gets you in for your test when your ready. Quality not quantity is not just a slogan with Daryl. Would recommend to all. Thank you once again mate. Chris Burgess 09-12-2014.

I used Daryl as he had taught other family members. Including my mum many years ago, he's patient and doesn't try to rush you. He will tell you to book your test as soon as he thinks your ready and not keep taking your money like other driving instructors do. He's very good and knows exactly what he's talking about. I passed first time! Thanks Daryl! Jodie, bredbury 08-12-2014

Would like to say a big thank's to Daryl for all off his help if anyone is thinking learning to drive and you are looking for top tuition look no further I have had a few instructors in the
past had no luck waste of time and money failed my test 4 times in the past with 4 different instructors I had a few lessons with Daryl and today I passed my test 01/12/2014 1 st time thanks to Daryl.................thanks again 😃🚙💨 John Jones 02-12-2014

I strongly recommend Daryl to anyone considering taking driving lessons. He is a very experienced, knowledgeable and patient instructor who teaches you how to drive confidently and safetly. With Daryl's help I passed first time today. I'm so glad I chose Daryl, he gave me confidence when I had very little. Thank you Daryl! Vicky 26-11-2014

After putting off my test for 20 years, getting back in the saddle was a breeze with Daryl. With a clear passion for what he does, he teaches you both what you need to do to pass your test and - more importantly - road craft and how to think like a proper driver. Passed first time, what more endorsement do you need!  Delighted with my choice of instructor. Jim 21-11-2014.

Thanks to Daryl I passed my test first time! Made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. He gave me confidence which I was defiantly lacking. He had so much patience (which I know at times I must have tested!) I would recommend to ANYONE. I looked forward to every lesson. Can't wait to do my pass plus  :) thank you Daryl!. Kate Bardsley 01-10-2014

Great teacher with lots of experience. I would highly recommend to anyone! Thanks!! Callum 26-09-2014.

Thank you Daryl for all your help and input! Highly recommend driving instructor, would recommend to anyone! I will miss our Wednesday mornings. Jade McLaren. 22-09-2014

Great guy, tought all my family. Highly recommended, cheers daryl. Callum 17-06-2014

I chose Daryl after a recommendation from a family friend and it proved to be an excellent decision. During my time learning to drive Daryl made the lessons useful and enjoyable. As a result I passed my test first time, something I didn't think would be possible when I started to learn. I would recommend Daryl to anyone wanting to learn how to drive properly. Thanks very much Daryl! Josh Heap 25-04-2014

I chose Daryl because a friend suggested him to me. He was a great teacher with loads of experience and he helped me to pass first time. Would definitely recommend, Thanks Daryl. Reece Rigney 03-04-2014

Would recommend daryl to everyone! Great instructor and helped me pass my driving test first time last month!! definatly passing his name on to others wanting to do their lessons as he is probably the best to do lessons with! Thanks daryl!. Jordan. 13-03-2014.

I'm so glad my friend recommended me to daryl! He is a fantastic driving instructor as he got me though it for the first time after I failed with my old instructor! If anyone is starting there lessons or think they need a new instructor! Go with Daryl! I am so happy with him! Hannah foster 10-02-2014.

I was recommended to have Daryl as my instructor by a friend who had him. He was a great instructor who got me through my lessons to my test very quickly. He taught me how to drive safely and well. I passed my test first time and then went on to do my pass plus also with Daryl. He is a great instructor and very experienced. I would highly recommend. Daryl for a driving instructor. Thank you very much Daryl :D. Holly Hughes 05-02-2014.

Just passed today!! My dad recommended me to Darryl, he makes the lessons really fun and enjoyable. Just the best instructor! Thank you so much Darryl couldn't have done it without you ! Michelle Whiteheas 20-01-2014

Thank you Daryl ! Just passed my driving test for the first time. My mum passed with Daryl in 1989 and my uncle too. She said he was The Best Instructor and I have to agree. Very patient but tells you when you're wrong. You are actually taught to drive and think. Hope you're still driving for my brother and sister. Lots of love and thank you again, Gina 13-01-2014

Thanks daryl! Passed my test yesterday, and I would recommend daryl to any of my friends. He's really patient and easy to get on with. Thanks! Joe. 07-01-2014

Just want to say a massive thank for teaching me the best way to drive. 12 lessons and passed theory and practical 1st time. Explained everything so clear/well and wasnt affraid to tel me when i was doing it wrong ! Thank you again. Darrell 15-10-2013

ONE ov the best instructors there is. Passed me and 5 of my friends couldn't of done it without him really easy 2 learn with no messing . And thank u so much daryl.  rob Thorneycroft. Edgeley stockport  . John says hi :-) 29-07-2013

Thank you ever so much Daryl. I can't express how wonderful it is to pass first time, but then again, it was a doddle with you as my tutor. I'll be sure to let everyone know what a great instructor you are, and thank you again. Ryan Morten 13-06-2013

Thanks Daryl, so happy!! Passed first time! Daryl is the best driving instructor, everything explained properly and lovely to get along with! Would recommend to anybody. Thanks so much! Amy Kinvig, Compstall, Stockport. 08-5-2013

Thanks Daryl! couldn't be more pleased! passed first time everything explained clear and couldn't be better would defiantly recommend to anyone! Thanks! Dan 01-05-2013

I chose to go with Daryl after my friend and sister had both recomended him. I surely am not the easiest person to teach, however with daryl i have passed first time today with only four minors. Big recommendation to Daryl Evans. Big thanks!! Lisa 24-04-2013

Daryl was recommended to me from a family friend. I was driving on the first lesson (unlike a lot of other driving instructors) and daryl taught me quickly,patiently and without messing around. He doesn't get cross if something goes wrong, he stays calm and keeps you going. I passed first time, in under three months. Daryl was great to get along with and really fun. I recommend him to my friends and would recommend him to anyone who wants to wants to pass quickly and learn how to drive properly! Lily Johnson 02-04-2013

After being recommended by my brother i chose to learn with Daryl, and it wasnt a mistake the tuition was absolutely brilliant. I enjoyed every lesson and always looked forward to the next one! Daryl is a brilliant guy, and he doesn't just teach you to pass he teaches you how to drive, I passed first time thanks to him! Couldn't of asked for better and i would recommend him to anyone - Look forward to doing my pass plus! Jamie Neill 14-11-2012

I chose to go with Daryl after he was recommended by many of my family members that he taught in the past. I was off to a flying start and was driving along major roads in my first double lesson, I have been given a tremendous amount of knowledge by him and have enjoyed every minute of it. My only regret is that I have to stop driving with him now I have passed my test. Luke Robinson. 11-09-2012

I decided to go to Daryl after him being recommended off my boyfriend and his friends, and I am very happy I did ! He has excellent patience and is always to the point and gets you driving straight away! The lessons were interesting and fun and I would recommend him to anyone ! Gracia Isherwood 13-08-2012

Just gota say a few words, i got your number by WORD OF MOUTH witch makes more sense than tv/radio adverts!!! Which i must say paid off big time!!
After my 1st meet with daryl i was convinced he's the man to get my son JAKE through he's test and boy did he after 11 lessons he passed with flying colours erm sorry 1 yep repeat 1 minor ;) SO A BIG THANKYOU TO DARYL!!!!! SURE TO RECOMMEND . STEVE 08-08-2012

I chose Daryl Evans because my friends said he has an excellent reputation and I'm so glad I did! Thank you for getting me through the test first time and for making the process so enjoyable. Christopher Miles, Bredbury Stockport.

Four of my mates passed with Daryl and Daryl turned out to be a quality teacher, really calm and easy to get on with. He's a quality bloke. He also taught my brother. Anthony Miles, Bredbury, Stockport.

I'm absolutely delighted with the instruction I received from Daryl. I passed yesterday, first time! Daryl's instruction was encouraging, helpful and patient. He gave me so much confidence to be a positive, safe driver and now I love driving! He provided notes to study between lessons and explained all manoeuvres and techniques perfectly so I felt very capable and thoroughly prepared to take my test.I would recommend Daryl to anyone who wants to progress with the best instruction. Thank you!" Steve Chandler, Cheadle, Stockport.

I'm so glad that I chose Daryl. Daryl made the lessons very interesting and enjoyable, and taught me everything I needed to know to pass easily. Thanks to him I passed first try. I definitely could not of done it without his expertise. Daryl made the lessons so enjoyable that I looked forward to each lesson. Thank you. Thomas Brady, Reddish, Stockport<.

"We wanted to send a note of thanks to you for teaching our daughter to drive. We were delighted when she passed. She was ready to take her test and is, we believe, a good, safe driver who just needs experience. This is without doubt, thanks to you." leanne Sands, Romily, Stockport.

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